The Lost Art of the Handwritten Letter…


Immediately preceding my relocation to South Korea a year and a half ago I made an agreement with a couple of my closest friends  that we would keep in touch with handwritten letters while I was away here. A decision which I remain sweet on to this day. There is something so timeless and personal about a letter that has been done out by hand and in the knowing that someone has taken the time to sit down with a pen and paper and then go out to the post box to deliver it to you. There is an intimacy attached to reading a person’s own flourished handwriting rather than a selected font, a pleasure to be took in the look and feel of the stationary they have chosen rather than a white email template on a screen. I get far more of a thrill seeing an envelope peeping out through my letter box than I do seeing a (1) in my inbox. Plus you can’t send a few genuine British tea-bags attached to an email. Thanks Jen ♥.


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