It’s the little things…


I’ve felt like a little bird with clipped wings this week. My euphoric observations of the telltale signs of a lovely Spring were replaced with tissues, “achoos”, clear runny fluids and blocked up ears. A manevolant trans-seasonal cold arrived and robbed me of all the vital senses needed to appreciate the delights of the fresh outdoors. Misery. Yesterday was particularly rough, my dark cloudy mood perpetuated by a vile School lunch~ rubbery tofu, legions of anchovies and the splintered wreckage of a crab carcass floating at the bottom of a vile red liquid.

Funny how it’s the little things that can change your blistering faceache into a wonderful smile. A note from a student on the whiteboard, ricecakes anonymously arriving at your desk or noticing the magnolia and cherry blossoms starting to flourish in the school grounds. It’s the end of another school week, but at least it hasn’t finished on a bum note…


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