Bucket List


The lesson topic I’m teaching at school this week is ‘Bucket Lists’. My co-teacher James found the idea on the Waygook website (which is, in my opinion, the Holy Grail of ESL web resources) and it has worked wonders in the classroom. The students who often will fix me a dead eyed stare whenever I have the effrontery to ask them to write their name on a worksheet were clamouring to tell me: “I want to get drunk”, “I want to marry Girl’s Generation” or “I want to go to the club”. I often wring my hands in class over the boys’ utter lack of imagination when drawn on certain topics and a complete unwillingness to think outside the box. This particular box being the dull, robotically repeated text-book responses to any question you care to ask.

 ‘The Bucket List’ has succeeded in eeking out at least a few sparkling comebacks. Here I will list some of my favourites:

  • “I want to eat dinosaur meat”
  • “I want to drink the sea”
  • “I want to attack North korea and Japan”
  • “I want to be a gay bar owner”    (er!)
  • “I want to burn a gay bar”             (oo-er!)
  • “I want to travel back 1 trillion years”

In order to demonstrate the task at hand and inspire the boys in their own ideas I wrote out my own Bucket List on the white board. A distorted, watered down and uber Korean-friendly version of my list which was besmirched with such casual white lies as “I would like to learn to speak Korean well!” . Not a complete lie that one, I have a desire to learn Korean that remains casual to say the least and has no business on my actual bucket list.

So, I have been inspired by my experiences in class this week to sit down and really think about what I want to get done before I pop my clogs. I came up with a list 15 things so far. This here is the real deal:

1. Get a degree in Nutrition

  This is a dream I hope to one day remove from the pipe.



2. Learn to play the ukelele

 I love music but remain myself un-musical even after at least 10 years of “I really want to learn the…”

I could carry a ukelele easily around with me and learn it on the hop. Then there’d be no excuses.


3. Road trip across America

Highly unoriginal but for a good reason~ it would be damn good fun!


5. Go to a Jazz bar in the French Quarter of New Orleans

Something about the architecture of this place draws me to it- the intricate iron work in the balconies is stunning and so evocative of a bygone era.



6. See a Japanese Geisha

Go ahead and blame Arthur Golden for this one~ I must have read Memoirs of a Geisha at least 5 times now including with my co-teachers in their English class. Theirs was a mystery world of pleasure and pain, which has sadly all but vanished in today’s modernity.

 7.  Have natural births

Call this a right of passage if you will. I at least want to give it a try with the first one.




8. Read all the Classics

A worthy pastime. Think I’m about 15% done already.




9. Attend a Hindu wedding ceremony

For the mass explosion of tradition, costume, culture, colour and spirituality still prevalent in this event.


10. Meet a bonafide Shaman

I’d like to witness his or her conduit talents. Also to see if I would “feel” I was in the presence of something…..else.




11. Go to a Rainbow Gathering

Estd. 1972 and has continued every consecutive year with no leaders, no planning,  funding or spokesperson. A 100% communal event~ when in our lives do we ever really get to experience that?


12. Go to Africa


Because it is bountiful with incredible natural beauty.



13. Learn to take pretty photographs

I want to have amazing photo albums to show my children one day.



14. Visit Old Havana, Cuba

I’d love to walk through the shabby streets with their crumbling facades~ in the pictures they scream “vintage” rather than “decrepit”.


15. Learn to sew

Because I quite like the idea of pusing my sleeves up past my elbows and getting to work behind a giant old Singer. My Mom has lovely memories of her own Mother doing this in the 60’s and creating the most amazing disco outfits for her and her sisters.


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  1. Hey! I did bucket lists with my 2nd graders two weeks ago…most of them were unoriginal though. I’m hoping to get a better response from my after school students next week.

    I’ve got learning how to sew on my list too…don’t know if it’ll ever happen, but I can hope!

    • Hey Candice! Yeah I despair of my boys sometimes- I think their brains are so over-stimulated by gaming they have no idea how to formulate an image or idea of their own! o_0

      As for the sewing, it’s definately one that would require time dedicated to learning the craft well, I wouldn’t want my handmade skirt unravelling around my waist!

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