Let Your Fingers Do the Talking







When I relocated to my current apartment in Taekji back in March I declined to start another cable contract in favour of saving some more money over my remaining 6 months here. I couldn’t be happier with this decision because it has crowbarred me out of the dreadful habit I had of switching the TV on the moment I got home from work  and having one eye on whatever crap was on the Foxlife channel till bedtime (‘Three and a Half Men’, ‘According to Jim’ and ‘Everybody Hates Chris’~just a few examples of the calibre of rot I was  exposing my brain to). Now I don’t have the distraction of a bad sitcom polluting my home environment I’ve found I’m far more productive with my free time. It was my Mum’s Sixty-(blankth) birthday last week and instead of buying her a card I put one together with my own hands and used a cute cardboard love message on the front.

I’ve also spent an abundance of time scouring Youtube videos on origami and trying to perfect an origami cherry blossom. I won’t include a photo as I still haven’t mastered anyhting yet that doesn’t look like chewed popcorn. Here instead is a photo of the cherry blossoms under a street light near my apartment. The blossoms have been forced into early retirement by the April showers. I miss them already.



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