Busy catching butterflies


I have been criminally neglecting this blog the last few weeks. The reason being I have been funneling all my attention into the creative writing projects I’ve started since joining a writing group a month or so ago. I’m currently on my second short story and it’s been a real challenge to my rusty old imagination, which hung its hat up in retirement not long after I hit puberty. I lived in my imagination when I was a kid and was a vehement reader and writer. I grew up on the gruesome, cautionary tales of Roald Dhal and Shel Silverstein which, surprisingly to me, is leaking into my storytelling now. The ideas bubbling in my head all seem to involve tales of macabre grownups and mischevious little children! Anyway, it’s been refreshing to put my long lost love of scribbling to use again and I’m loving creating other little worlds on paper. I have no idea how my current story will end but actually that’s half the fun! It’s a children’s story in which moths and butterflies play a central role ~ it occured to me while writing today that storytelling is much like trying to catch butterflies. The ideas are so hard to chase and pin down!


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