28 before 29


A list of  things I want to accomplish in the 294 days until my next birthday. I think it will be fun to look back over this list just before I turn 29 and remember the things I wanted when I was a year younger and hopefully be able to cross a few off. And maybe I’ll have completely changed my mind about a lot of things too!

1. Finish small collection of short stories

2. Visit friends in San Fransisco

3. Go back to India

4. Do a refresher yoga course

5. Get  tattooed again

6. Print all toy camera photos and scrapbook them

7. Apply for an online Nutrition course

8. Finish itunes playlists

9. Keep going with my blogs

10. Purchase a better blog theme

11. Go to a drive-in

12. Try a  root beer float

13. laugh, smile, snort

14. Successfuly grow something I can eat

15. Discover some great new music

16. Reconnect with family

17. Learn to cook a kick ass coconut curry

18. Practice using  an SLR camera

19. Christmas at my parents new home in Ireland

20. See at least one band I adore live

21. Be thrifty with my money

22. Buy a record player =)

23. Stay in love

24. Get my ass in shape

25. Maintain positivity

26. Mend a broken friendship

27. Read 2 new books a month

28. Keep growing my hair


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