Not as easy as buying noodles


So finally, after 2 whole years of procrastination I did it. I took the plunge and sacrificed my hair, my crowning glory, to the mercy of the Korean hairdresser to give me blonde highlights. Acquiring a decent head of highlights in this particular spot on the earth is no easy feat and understandably so, the stylists here are just not used to dealing with light colored hair. Korean message boards are riddled with horror stories cautioning fellow blondies against the dreaded ‘orange job’. So fearful was I of a brassy do that I twice gave in to the lure of the do-it-yourself bottle die which, to be honest, left my hair a hue not that far from the color I had been dreading and so was, in the end, completely counter-productive. Last week I decided enough was enough and decided to get a little of my Nancy Drew on. After a lot of research (read this as googling and blog reading) I decided on Lucy Hair  in Sinchon, Seoul. Lucy and her stylists all speak excellent English and they trained as hair stylists overseas so they are fully capable with dealing with all hair types. Dennis, my stylist, was amazing and gave me exactly what I asked for in terms of hair color and the style. I am now one very happy blonde bunny!

Here’s a before and after of my hair color:

And finally, my banana feet. I’m not entirely convinced whether I’m wearing this color or it’s the other way round. The juries still out…


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