Pencil Case Wisdom





The idea for this post came from my friend Whitney, who a few months back quoted on facebook some of the corny and typically poor English that is stamped all over Korean stationary. This is the message her pencil case had for her….

“I’m walking on joyful color spectrums. I feel the love that’s really real”

~  what exactly joyful color spectrums are I would just love to know! I get the distinct feeling that manufacturers in Korea deem their products more saleable if they have some English text slapped all over them. However they clearly  feel it unnecessary to have an English speaker check over the grammar, spelling and punctuation of the text before producing it on a mass scale. No wonder some of my kids struggle to form a legible sentence when their t-shirt says ‘The Baetles’ or (and I actually bought this t-shirt because it was so hilarious) ‘Sungrasses’.







I’m a letter writer so I have bought at least 4 stationary pads here over the last 2 years and some of the lengthy messages and quotes printed on them are so incredibly saccharine and garbled I just had to share a few…


“Even we can not fly now, it doesn’t mean we can’t never fly. A dream that we have, we already starting flying to the sky.”

“On lovely day, I want  take a walk with you, I want to show you beautiful flowers and nice blue sky. It made my heart fill fully by just looking.”

“Love , which is a wonderful feeling, come to everyone at someting.”

“noting can be instead of you”

“Mere traveling either in foreign lands or at home is time half wasted.”

That last one just kills me. Even before translation it doesn’t make any sense. Travel is a waste of half of your time? What does that even mean!?

Saying all this I do have a real soft spot for Korean stationary, they’re crazy for stationary over here and when they get it right they really get it right. Check out this teeny cute squirrel bookmark I got from Gangnam Artbox:



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