Raindrops on Roses…


…and whiskers on kittens….

….how cute? I pass this pet shop on the way to my bus stop every day after school. It’s so tempting. I’ve ummed and aahed several times over whether or not to get a little  fluffball to keep me company here. But I’ll always remember what a heartache it used to be every morning when my Mom and I would leave for work and leave Peppy, our little West Highland Terrier, crying and howling for us in the hallway. She was a real crybaby right into her old age that little madam! Of course it was all our fault for spoiling her rotten. I’ll always be a person who treats her pets like a real child I think, and to think of falling for a pet here and then having to leave it behind when I go. Too heartbreaking!

It’s been a strange, gloomy week, haunted by thunderstorms and tragedies on the news. The glut of rain in Korea has resulted in landslides which have killed and injured dozens. My co-teachers are putting the fear of God in me that all this rain is carrying dangerous radioactive particles from Japan and I can look forward to having three-legged babies one day. Everyone is still trying to get their head around the mass-tragedy in Norway  and last Sunday I woke up to read the news of Amy Winehouse’s death. Hardly shocking, I think we’ve been watching her die slowly for years now in the tabloid pictures.  I remember seeing her years ago in her local pub in Camden, she was behind the bar serving drinks to the customers as she frequently used to do. I could see her beehive bobbing up and down beyond the crowds of heads standing at the  bar. She was really tiny and very pretty, just a normal London girl. This was before all the drink and drugs turned her into a haggard shell. What a waste to think her lifestyle took her whole life away like that. It’s a really chilling lesson to us all.

Well, what better way for a gal to lift her spirits than to treat herself to her first ever pedicure? I’m good to myself like that ;-). I visited the tiny nail shop in downtown on Tuesday and sat back and relaxed for an hour while the lady went to work on my tired ol’ feet. I chose a bright coral shade for my toes which looks bright orange in the picture but really isn’t! It was so relaxing, I literally almost dozed off, and my feet feel soft as a babies now. I  think this may just have to become a  regular treat from now on ^-^.



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