I am a South Londoner living and working in South Korea as an English teacher. I love to lose myself in books and music and movies and have long discussions with my friends about them. I spend a lot of time wondering how and when and why we all got so preoccupied with Facebook (myself included). I have an English Literature degree but dream quietly of going back to school to major in Nutrition. I like pretty looking things and wish I was a better artist. My favourite season is Spring when I can feel the Winter cobwebs being blown out of me. I don’t believe in God but I believe  in the spirit and that our universe is an amazing thing. I like this Jeanette Winterson quote:

“The Buddhists say there are 149 ways to God. I’m not looking for God, only for myself, and that is far more complicated. God has had a great deal written about Him; nothing has been written about me. God is bigger, easier to find, even in the dark. I could be anywhere, and since I can’t describe myself I can’t ask for help.”


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