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On Repeat: Fleet Foxes ‘Helplessness Blues’



My week, spoiled by illness, was made all the more bearable by the new Fleet Foxes album which I’ve been clicking ‘Play’ on most mornings and evenings. Inoffensive and charming, the band’s warm, honeyed folk sounds soar through the speakers into the room before settling gently, like feathers, into the peripheries. I’m really appreciating Robin Pecknold’s dulcet voice on this album and the sweetly experimental turn the album takes on ‘The Cascades’.

p.s~ I think Robin Pecknold’s name is just perfect. With a name like that how can you not grow up and sing  in a  folk band inspired by the woods and the trees?




Desert Island Feeling



Spring is pounding on Winter’s door, begging to be allowed in. I can feel the subtle change in the air, the sun is shyly peeking through the clouds and the cherry blossoms are beginning to bud. This sweet song sums up my mood during this seasonal metamorphosis…