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Today was an ‘I’m not enjoying being back at work so I’ll buy me a cupcake for getting through it’ kinda day. Nothing better than feeding my sweet tooth to pull me up out of a mood rut. I’ve walked past this cafe a million times and today was the perfect time to go ahead and walk in and order the carrot and banana cupcake.



















Today was also a day for thinking about dearly missed friends and family back home and putting together this long overdue care package of Korean goodies to send back for a certain someone (who may or may not be reading this^^.)

It was a day for coming home and listening to this album and it reminding me of my Dad.

And finally it’s a day for snuggling up and watching my second Woody Allen movie this week.

I guess it’s not such a bad day after all.


Raindrops on Roses…


…and whiskers on kittens….

….how cute? I pass this pet shop on the way to my bus stop every day after school. It’s so tempting. I’ve ummed and aahed several times over whether or not to get a little  fluffball to keep me company here. But I’ll always remember what a heartache it used to be every morning when my Mom and I would leave for work and leave Peppy, our little West Highland Terrier, crying and howling for us in the hallway. She was a real crybaby right into her old age that little madam! Of course it was all our fault for spoiling her rotten. I’ll always be a person who treats her pets like a real child I think, and to think of falling for a pet here and then having to leave it behind when I go. Too heartbreaking!

It’s been a strange, gloomy week, haunted by thunderstorms and tragedies on the news. The glut of rain in Korea has resulted in landslides which have killed and injured dozens. My co-teachers are putting the fear of God in me that all this rain is carrying dangerous radioactive particles from Japan and I can look forward to having three-legged babies one day. Everyone is still trying to get their head around the mass-tragedy in Norway  and last Sunday I woke up to read the news of Amy Winehouse’s death. Hardly shocking, I think we’ve been watching her die slowly for years now in the tabloid pictures.  I remember seeing her years ago in her local pub in Camden, she was behind the bar serving drinks to the customers as she frequently used to do. I could see her beehive bobbing up and down beyond the crowds of heads standing at the  bar. She was really tiny and very pretty, just a normal London girl. This was before all the drink and drugs turned her into a haggard shell. What a waste to think her lifestyle took her whole life away like that. It’s a really chilling lesson to us all.

Well, what better way for a gal to lift her spirits than to treat herself to her first ever pedicure? I’m good to myself like that ;-). I visited the tiny nail shop in downtown on Tuesday and sat back and relaxed for an hour while the lady went to work on my tired ol’ feet. I chose a bright coral shade for my toes which looks bright orange in the picture but really isn’t! It was so relaxing, I literally almost dozed off, and my feet feel soft as a babies now. I  think this may just have to become a  regular treat from now on ^-^.


Not as easy as buying noodles


So finally, after 2 whole years of procrastination I did it. I took the plunge and sacrificed my hair, my crowning glory, to the mercy of the Korean hairdresser to give me blonde highlights. Acquiring a decent head of highlights in this particular spot on the earth is no easy feat and understandably so, the stylists here are just not used to dealing with light colored hair. Korean message boards are riddled with horror stories cautioning fellow blondies against the dreaded ‘orange job’. So fearful was I of a brassy do that I twice gave in to the lure of the do-it-yourself bottle die which, to be honest, left my hair a hue not that far from the color I had been dreading and so was, in the end, completely counter-productive. Last week I decided enough was enough and decided to get a little of my Nancy Drew on. After a lot of research (read this as googling and blog reading) I decided on Lucy Hair  in Sinchon, Seoul. Lucy and her stylists all speak excellent English and they trained as hair stylists overseas so they are fully capable with dealing with all hair types. Dennis, my stylist, was amazing and gave me exactly what I asked for in terms of hair color and the style. I am now one very happy blonde bunny!

Here’s a before and after of my hair color:

And finally, my banana feet. I’m not entirely convinced whether I’m wearing this color or it’s the other way round. The juries still out…

Take time to stop and smell the roses


I don’t know where my current obsession with flowers has surfaced from but never in my life have I been more in tune with the seasonal output of nature. So far this year I’ve logged with enthusiasm the gradual change in colour outside from bare winter brown to the explosion of cherry blossom pink and now the vivid fuschia of the roses. Maybe this is because for the first time I am living alone somewhere that is not a huge metropolitan city and I have more of a chance to observe and appreciate my natural surroundings. My second (and final) summer in Gangneung is about to begin and as I look around me I think I’m appreciating for the the first time how beautifully well kept this city is. I’m so glad to have lived in a place that has taught me to  take stock of my environment and instead of cruising blindly by, to stop for moment and smell the roses.

Busy catching butterflies


I have been criminally neglecting this blog the last few weeks. The reason being I have been funneling all my attention into the creative writing projects I’ve started since joining a writing group a month or so ago. I’m currently on my second short story and it’s been a real challenge to my rusty old imagination, which hung its hat up in retirement not long after I hit puberty. I lived in my imagination when I was a kid and was a vehement reader and writer. I grew up on the gruesome, cautionary tales of Roald Dhal and Shel Silverstein which, surprisingly to me, is leaking into my storytelling now. The ideas bubbling in my head all seem to involve tales of macabre grownups and mischevious little children! Anyway, it’s been refreshing to put my long lost love of scribbling to use again and I’m loving creating other little worlds on paper. I have no idea how my current story will end but actually that’s half the fun! It’s a children’s story in which moths and butterflies play a central role ~ it occured to me while writing today that storytelling is much like trying to catch butterflies. The ideas are so hard to chase and pin down!