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Burning house.


Is it over yet? I’ve officially reached the bottom of my fuel tank this week and  am chugging along on just the fumes. And it’s only Tuesday. God help me.

I stumbled upon this tumblr page today and was inspired to do a little  post about it. It’s that old round the campfire chestnut “if your house were burning down, what would you save?”

Well, heres what~

  • family photos
  • Diana F+ and film
  • Passport
  • ipod and headphones
  • journal and pen
  • my heart neacklace
  • letters from friends

What would you save?



Weekend Summer Camp

Weekend Summer Camp

GYL Summer Camp, Okgye, 2011, a set on Flickr.

So to save money toward my next adventures in traveling I’ve taken on any extra work I can lay my hands on over these last few months. The biggest cash cow has been a Global Youth Leaders programme I work at 2 Saturdays every month which pays really well and is pretty easy money too as the Middle School students who take part in it are all exceptional at English. This weekend was the overnight camp for this programme and we stayed at a swanky Women’s Centre situated right on the beach with a lush panoramic view of the tree covered mountains.

There were plenty of photo opps and I snapped away with my iPod on the first day. As you can tell I’m pretty hooked on the Instagram app on my iPod! I love the range of effects you can choose from and the way some of them can pop the colors in an average looking photo and transform it into something that looks pretty gorgeous. I’m quite addicted to this neat little memory maker  ^^

Anyway, back to the camp. The kids had a bunch of team projects to do, they put on a talent show and we hired a dance teacher to teach the students and camp leaders a K-Pop dance routine which I may or may not have royally f*cked up in the teachers final dance performance at the end! Ah, nothing tops of a day better than making an ass of yourself in front of a bunch of teenagers!

This was how it should have been done

I spent a good dose of my time dedicated to one of my favorite hobbies- people watching. Or student watching as this was. There was the loner girl who sat all day solving, undoing and re-solving a Rubiks cube. There was the chubby flamboyant boy who performed the entire Miss A dance routine during his team’s talent performance, taking it all way too seriously. And there was the angel faced pre-pubescent girl wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with ‘I’ll show you mine if you show me yours’. Ah, sweet oblivion. I couldn’t help but chuckle and remember the time on the beach when my boyfriend spotted an ajumma pooting around wearing a t-shirt with the slogan ‘Vote Mike Hunt for President’…x

Not as easy as buying noodles


So finally, after 2 whole years of procrastination I did it. I took the plunge and sacrificed my hair, my crowning glory, to the mercy of the Korean hairdresser to give me blonde highlights. Acquiring a decent head of highlights in this particular spot on the earth is no easy feat and understandably so, the stylists here are just not used to dealing with light colored hair. Korean message boards are riddled with horror stories cautioning fellow blondies against the dreaded ‘orange job’. So fearful was I of a brassy do that I twice gave in to the lure of the do-it-yourself bottle die which, to be honest, left my hair a hue not that far from the color I had been dreading and so was, in the end, completely counter-productive. Last week I decided enough was enough and decided to get a little of my Nancy Drew on. After a lot of research (read this as googling and blog reading) I decided on Lucy Hair  in Sinchon, Seoul. Lucy and her stylists all speak excellent English and they trained as hair stylists overseas so they are fully capable with dealing with all hair types. Dennis, my stylist, was amazing and gave me exactly what I asked for in terms of hair color and the style. I am now one very happy blonde bunny!

Here’s a before and after of my hair color:

And finally, my banana feet. I’m not entirely convinced whether I’m wearing this color or it’s the other way round. The juries still out…

Hello July


Buying new stationary makes me ever so happy. Especially Asian stationary, it’s the cutest. I splurged in Art Box in Gangnam yesterday and now my fingers are itching to pick up a pen and cover these pretty papers with letters home. Which I think I’ll do with my free time today. Three cheers for exam week!

This weekend was a good one. Visiting great friends, a baseball game, gratuitous shopping and my favourite bit…kissing under the umbrella in the rain ☂ x

Also, really loving this Photobooth App on my iPod.

Let Your Fingers Do the Talking







When I relocated to my current apartment in Taekji back in March I declined to start another cable contract in favour of saving some more money over my remaining 6 months here. I couldn’t be happier with this decision because it has crowbarred me out of the dreadful habit I had of switching the TV on the moment I got home from work  and having one eye on whatever crap was on the Foxlife channel till bedtime (‘Three and a Half Men’, ‘According to Jim’ and ‘Everybody Hates Chris’~just a few examples of the calibre of rot I was  exposing my brain to). Now I don’t have the distraction of a bad sitcom polluting my home environment I’ve found I’m far more productive with my free time. It was my Mum’s Sixty-(blankth) birthday last week and instead of buying her a card I put one together with my own hands and used a cute cardboard love message on the front.

I’ve also spent an abundance of time scouring Youtube videos on origami and trying to perfect an origami cherry blossom. I won’t include a photo as I still haven’t mastered anyhting yet that doesn’t look like chewed popcorn. Here instead is a photo of the cherry blossoms under a street light near my apartment. The blossoms have been forced into early retirement by the April showers. I miss them already.