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Burning house.


Is it over yet? I’ve officially reached the bottom of my fuel tank this week and  am chugging along on just the fumes. And it’s only Tuesday. God help me.

I stumbled upon this tumblr page today and was inspired to do a little  post about it. It’s that old round the campfire chestnut “if your house were burning down, what would you save?”

Well, heres what~

  • family photos
  • Diana F+ and film
  • Passport
  • ipod and headphones
  • journal and pen
  • my heart neacklace
  • letters from friends

What would you save?



the sweet smell of summer


I’m breathing it in. As many deep breaths as my lungs can hold. as I’m typing our office window is open and I can hear a crescendo of cicadas buzzing from the green down in our school yard. A sound I’m really gonna miss.  All too soon this season will be turning once again. Vacation time is already done and I’m looking ahead to my final month teaching a new semester.

I loved vacation. 2 weeks of downtime and  doing a whole lot of glorious nothing! Finally, towards the end of the 2 weeks I started to get antsy from all the inertia but before that I was perfectly blissed out to be sleeping till 11 or 12 every day (in our Busan love motel with its Hello Kitty clad wallpaper), lazing with a beer in my hand by the sea or lakeside, reading for hours and hours and hours and watching movie after movie. Last semester was long and I took on a lot of extra work which took its toll on my energy so I really needed this break!

I ended the vacation on a really high note. Myself and my co-teacher Sera went on a fantastic 3 hour bike ride, we rode out to and around my city’s famous lake  and stopped beside it to snap pictures while dragonflies as big as my fist scooted over our heads and huge fish jumped and belly-flopped against the shimmering grey water top. It was a truly great day. Riding home we felt the first huge hot splashes of typhoon rain exploding on our heads and pretty soon we were riding through a full-on rain storm. I now believe nothing makes you feel more alive than riding your bike full speed in the rain. It’s  good for the soul!

In six short weeks I’ll be waving bye bye to this chapter of my life in this beautiful little corner of the world and packing myself off on my next adventures in backpacking. I think my heart is just about ready to burst with excitement!  I have so much to plan and organize right now so you bet my love of making lists is in absolute overdrive!

Reading in the sunshine on Gyengpo Beach

sunny day, full beach

the essentials

Picnic by the lake



Today was an ‘I’m not enjoying being back at work so I’ll buy me a cupcake for getting through it’ kinda day. Nothing better than feeding my sweet tooth to pull me up out of a mood rut. I’ve walked past this cafe a million times and today was the perfect time to go ahead and walk in and order the carrot and banana cupcake.



















Today was also a day for thinking about dearly missed friends and family back home and putting together this long overdue care package of Korean goodies to send back for a certain someone (who may or may not be reading this^^.)

It was a day for coming home and listening to this album and it reminding me of my Dad.

And finally it’s a day for snuggling up and watching my second Woody Allen movie this week.

I guess it’s not such a bad day after all.

Socks-y feet


If there’s one thing Koreans really dig it’s these ankle length socks with cutie patootie designs all over them. Costing little over a buck a pair I’m busy stocking up on these lovely little foot warmers before I say a big “toodle-loo” in 6 weeks (six weeks~ how has this happened? So much to organise, so much to do, where do I start??!!)

I’m back to school this week after a glorious 2 week vacation. One of the biggest perks by far of a job in teaching (as every teacher I’ve ever met in my life says) is the extended periods off from work. I haven’t known such luxuriantly long opportunities for rest and rejuvenation since, well, since I was back at school myself! And I’ll tell you what, the first day back at school as a teacher is a MILLION times harder than it is as a student! This week has been long and rough on this overgrown schoolgirl ^.^

Raindrops on Roses…


…and whiskers on kittens….

….how cute? I pass this pet shop on the way to my bus stop every day after school. It’s so tempting. I’ve ummed and aahed several times over whether or not to get a little  fluffball to keep me company here. But I’ll always remember what a heartache it used to be every morning when my Mom and I would leave for work and leave Peppy, our little West Highland Terrier, crying and howling for us in the hallway. She was a real crybaby right into her old age that little madam! Of course it was all our fault for spoiling her rotten. I’ll always be a person who treats her pets like a real child I think, and to think of falling for a pet here and then having to leave it behind when I go. Too heartbreaking!

It’s been a strange, gloomy week, haunted by thunderstorms and tragedies on the news. The glut of rain in Korea has resulted in landslides which have killed and injured dozens. My co-teachers are putting the fear of God in me that all this rain is carrying dangerous radioactive particles from Japan and I can look forward to having three-legged babies one day. Everyone is still trying to get their head around the mass-tragedy in Norway  and last Sunday I woke up to read the news of Amy Winehouse’s death. Hardly shocking, I think we’ve been watching her die slowly for years now in the tabloid pictures.  I remember seeing her years ago in her local pub in Camden, she was behind the bar serving drinks to the customers as she frequently used to do. I could see her beehive bobbing up and down beyond the crowds of heads standing at the  bar. She was really tiny and very pretty, just a normal London girl. This was before all the drink and drugs turned her into a haggard shell. What a waste to think her lifestyle took her whole life away like that. It’s a really chilling lesson to us all.

Well, what better way for a gal to lift her spirits than to treat herself to her first ever pedicure? I’m good to myself like that ;-). I visited the tiny nail shop in downtown on Tuesday and sat back and relaxed for an hour while the lady went to work on my tired ol’ feet. I chose a bright coral shade for my toes which looks bright orange in the picture but really isn’t! It was so relaxing, I literally almost dozed off, and my feet feel soft as a babies now. I  think this may just have to become a  regular treat from now on ^-^.


Korean foods I love & love to hate


Me eating delicious Korean Pa Jeon (파전) or pancake

 So many things I’m going to miss when I hang up my teaching hat for good in 2 months. The gorgeous mountaineous scenery I get to see every day when I leave my apartment, the kind smiling faces of my co-teachers every morning, the copious high-fives my students give me on a  daily basis. High up on that list will be some of the mouth-watering Korean cuisine I have grown to love. It was a different story when I first got here 2 years ago. To my eyes Korean food isn’t the most appetizing in its appearance and I’m all about the aesthetics when it comes to food. I very quickly learned however that in most cases it will taste far better than it looks. I’ve also grown very attached to the communal experience of korean dining. At barbeque restaurants the cooking, sharing and eating of the meat is a joined effort. Rather than having your eyes down on one plate you are all sharing from the oodles of side dishes that litter the table. It is customary to pour drinks for eachother and plenty shots of soju is a must if you have a Korean at your table. This style of dining encourages input, eye contact, conversation and a shared eating experience which I will miss sorely when I’m gone.

Sharing a cheese dalkabi at Tudari (fried spicy chicken)

Saying all that, there are certain foods that turn up on the menu over here  that I won’t be sorry to leave behind at all! Here’s my top 4 Korean foods that I love to hate~

1. Mook (무ㄱ) or Acorn Jelly

brown slime? I'll pass thanks

As I’m writing it acorn jelly actually sounds like it could be pretty nice. Not for me it aint. It’s cold, it’s wet, it wobbles. And it it don’t taste nuthin like acorns.

2. Spam


It’s a tasty meat treat. Apparantly.

Yep, you read that right. Spam.  And I’m not talking about slapping your friendon the forehead, I’m talking about the processed meat in a can. They’re crazy for it here and apparantly it’s too nice to buy for yourself. Spam can usually be found in marts in the form of  gift packs bound by a large ribbon.

3. Persimmon


The persimmon. A tricky fruit.


I’ve tried to love persimmon. Honest to God I have. I’ve given it chance after chance. My pal Mary hit the nail on the head when she said “it’s always presented to you like your getting such a treat”. After politely swallowing down its  fleshy, slimy blandness a million times I’m afraid it’s officially over between me and the persimmon now.

4. Rice cakes

Isn’t there enough rice in the main meal or what??

I have a huge sweet tooth which mainly demands chocolate and not dessert sweets made of rice with red bean paste inside. Enough said!




Pencil Case Wisdom





The idea for this post came from my friend Whitney, who a few months back quoted on facebook some of the corny and typically poor English that is stamped all over Korean stationary. This is the message her pencil case had for her….

“I’m walking on joyful color spectrums. I feel the love that’s really real”

~  what exactly joyful color spectrums are I would just love to know! I get the distinct feeling that manufacturers in Korea deem their products more saleable if they have some English text slapped all over them. However they clearly  feel it unnecessary to have an English speaker check over the grammar, spelling and punctuation of the text before producing it on a mass scale. No wonder some of my kids struggle to form a legible sentence when their t-shirt says ‘The Baetles’ or (and I actually bought this t-shirt because it was so hilarious) ‘Sungrasses’.







I’m a letter writer so I have bought at least 4 stationary pads here over the last 2 years and some of the lengthy messages and quotes printed on them are so incredibly saccharine and garbled I just had to share a few…


“Even we can not fly now, it doesn’t mean we can’t never fly. A dream that we have, we already starting flying to the sky.”

“On lovely day, I want  take a walk with you, I want to show you beautiful flowers and nice blue sky. It made my heart fill fully by just looking.”

“Love , which is a wonderful feeling, come to everyone at someting.”

“noting can be instead of you”

“Mere traveling either in foreign lands or at home is time half wasted.”

That last one just kills me. Even before translation it doesn’t make any sense. Travel is a waste of half of your time? What does that even mean!?

Saying all this I do have a real soft spot for Korean stationary, they’re crazy for stationary over here and when they get it right they really get it right. Check out this teeny cute squirrel bookmark I got from Gangnam Artbox: