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Coffee Date


I spent  a lovely evening out last week at my new favorite local cafe (every time I discover a new one a better one is usually  around the corner), ‘Andromeda’. I was out with my co-teacher Chang Mee and her friend Ji-Yun for some  girly time, Korean-style. Surprisingly I’ve not done too much of this in my time here so far, it involves a lot of linking arms and giggling. I chose the intriguingly titled ‘cookie nut tea’ from the menu, which revealed itself to be a cinnamon-y tasting herbal tea and nothing like it’s name suggested, but tasty nonetheless.

  After many many sessions of creepy people watching in Korean cafes I’ve come to the conclusion that you cannot truly immerse yourself in the modern Korean  coffee shop culture unless you~

a. sit silently opposite your date/friend/whatever and fiddle around with i phone/i pod/i pad for the duration of your coffee.

b. take a million pictures of yourself and your friends making victory signs.

Happily we opted for good old fashioned eye contact and girl talk interspersed with a healthy dollop of option b~~

Happy middle of the week everyone!