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Socks-y feet


If there’s one thing Koreans really dig it’s these ankle length socks with cutie patootie designs all over them. Costing little over a buck a pair I’m busy stocking up on these lovely little foot warmers before I say a big “toodle-loo” in 6 weeks (six weeks~ how has this happened? So much to organise, so much to do, where do I start??!!)

I’m back to school this week after a glorious 2 week vacation. One of the biggest perks by far of a job in teaching (as every teacher I’ve ever met in my life says) is the extended periods off from work. I haven’t known such luxuriantly long opportunities for rest and rejuvenation since, well, since I was back at school myself! And I’ll tell you what, the first day back at school as a teacher is a MILLION times harder than it is as a student! This week has been long and rough on this overgrown schoolgirl ^.^